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If so what other genres do you write in? At this time I only write Romance. It's what I enjoy and I feel can have such a positive impact, so it is my area of focus. Summer has brought her deeper into the world of the Science Mers and what she's learning, she may not like. Meanwhile, Merrick seems the same, but keeps revealing more and more, despite Zale's attempts to curb his conversations with her. Now that The Depths are on the move, everything is changing for the Mers of Mercrutia.

Click image for explanation. From where do you draw your inspiration? There are a lot of things that I find inspirational. Walks in nature can be especially helpful to create a sense of calmness and serenity that helps me with finding the right tone and voice. Generally with my ideas though they are eureka moments.

An idea kind of pops into my mind and takes over. Suddenly I'm swept up into a scenario outside of myself and my curious nature wants to know more. So I ask myself questions and delve further into the tale. Characters will introduce themselves to me too, which sounds funny but is the easiest way to explain how it happens. Do you ever base your characters on real people in your life? I think every writer does whether we intend to or not. I wouldn't say that my characters are specific people in my life, but I would confess that sometimes a gesture, a thought process, or a way a character says things are slightly influenced by people I know.

I think when it really comes down to knowing a character, they are telling me who they are — it's up to me to figure them out rather than create them.


What authors inspire your writing? Liu, and Lynsay Sands are some of my favorites. I admire their strong characters and their writing is always just what I need, a bit of intrigue and mystery, or some humor and laughs. I start reading and immediately I'm enveloped by the worlds they have written. How have your real life experiences influenced your writing? I'm very fortunate to have the love that I do in my life, with my partner, with my family, and with my friends. I believe all of those experiences influence the way I approach love and romance.

I think because of the positivity and faith I have with these people no matter how dark or challenging a situation might appear my characters prevail. Only the successful transformation to magic and beauty seem elusive to her. Relocating to Seabright, Nova Scotia she finds that there may be some hope for her, until suddenly things become more complicated, and complicated's name is Merrick Price.

A teal eyed, dark haired Mer from a warrior family, he's hand picked her for his mate and she isn't quite sure why. She's a science Mer with no mermaid tail in sight and can't seem to uncover his true feelings or his motives.

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Spending time with my loved ones is important to me. As well as taking time to have little adventures in nature. I find wildlife inspirational so I try to spend some time recuperating outdoors. I also like to mediate, craft, and read. How did you come up with the title of your book? It popped into my head. I wanted something that would make you think of mermaids. The moon is equally important to the Mer mythology in my books like water is so Blue Moon Rising seemed very approriate.

The rarity of the situation and the historical connotations and meanings surrounding a blue moon are reflective of the undelying themes in the book. What is the easiest part of the writing process for you? Coming up with ideas is the easiest part for me. Sometimes I have too many ideas and I end up scribbling them all down and tucking them away for later when I'll get the chance to revisit.

Which of your characters is your favorite and why? I actually haven't written my favourite character yet. She's a guardian named Stitia from a world called Morianna. I'll be writing her story in a fantasy romance series in If I had to choose a character from my current books though it would be challenging. I like Samira because she's tough and doesn't ever give up.

No matter what life throws at her, she will perserveer. Merrick would be my favourite male because he gets overlooked sometimes. There's so many things about him that the reader will understand over time.

He has a lot of layers and he's not always what he appears to be. Trapped in Arzule, an alternate world they've somehow been transported to, they struggle to make sense of their lives. When Samira is unexpectedly whisked away by an Akorian Prince, Arkson it seems as though their luck has gone even further astray.

Samira finds herself drawn to this handsome prince, but cannot seem to decipher his intentions.

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He is a prince of many secrets, and Samira has secretive tendencies of her own. My home office. There's something very magical about lightning, thunder, and rain that I find highly motivating. It might be the sense of awe. How would you describe your writing style?

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It is very creative and imaginate and I try to focus on also building a world that you find yourself engaged in exploring. My pacing is often fast with reflective moments for the reader to pause.

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