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Verified Purchase. The first two books are fun and full of magic. The problem is the editing or absence of editing. I found it distracting. Some sentences were incomplete. Others had too many words, like "it was were that This interrupted the flow of the story. But since the story was interesting and the characters amusing, I still enjoyed the first and second short books. I hope Amee finishes the third soon so I can see how it ends!

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If Amee edits her books and enriches some of the scenes and events, I think she'll have a hit on her hands. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping.

Length: pages. Word Wise: Enabled. Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Page Flip: Enabled. They then discuss of their family dynamic but are stopped when Klaus' car arrives. Hayley is seen jumping out of the car and she runs to her daughter before stops. Elijah gives Hope to her and after holding her daughter against her, she passes her to Klaus and they stay all the three.

Later Rebekah and Hayley decide to hold the Bonfire ceremony for Hope, and as she is with her father she is taken by her mother to assist to her first Bonfire. After the ceremony the all family takes a photo that they are forced to burn in order to protect Hope and Rebekah decides to take down their mother so their family could be together. As her uncle, aunt and father discuss of their plan she is fed by her mother and stays with her and Elijah when Klaus and Rebekah go back to meet with Esther. She is then introduced to Cami by her parents later as they had to go back in the Quarter.

Hope is then left to the care of her uncle Elijah.

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In the Bayou, when her mother discovers that to prepare her wedding to Jackson she has to share her secret with him she refuses to do it and leaves. However Jackson follows her and brings her back. When Klaus learns about this he decides to prevent Hayley from telling Jackson the truth about Hope.

After some convincing Klaus allows Hayley to tell him the truth. Finn also figures out Hope is alive and he is currently looking for her. Hope accidentally cuts her head so a band aid is put on her head. Cami decides to take Hope out of the house.

PDF Crescent Falls (Mystics High Book 2)

While out with Hope, Cami removes her band aid from her head and discovers her cut is healed. On the way back to the house, Hope stops the cars engine and seconds later the house goes up in flames. Hope then turns the cars engine on again. Cami looks at her shocked. She meets Jackson and she is introduced to the werewolves and vampires during the wedding party. Klaus explains that she had to go away for a while, and now she has returned to be protected by the newly formed Crescent Wolf Pack.

Later, Freya reveals to Finn that Dahlia decided to take her from Esther when she started to develop her great power at five years old and that when Hope starts to use magic, it will act as a beacon, calling her to the baby, unbeknownst to Hope's aunt, Hope has started to use magic much earlier than expected, which implies that Dahlia has already felt Hope's power and whatever they try, she is coming.

Hayley can't seem to settle her so Jackson offers a helping hand.

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He manages to soothe Hope and she falls asleep. In Save My Soul , Hope is seen sleeping in her crib. As she is sleeping, Dahlia 's humming is heard.

Hayley arrives and lunges at Eva to get away from her. After Eva leaves the compound, both Klaus and Hayley look down in her crib and she is laying down calmly and completely at ease. Klaus also reveals to Esther that Hope is alive not dead as she had thought. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes , Jackson, Hayley and Hope are walking down the street and Dahlia temporarily possesses the flower salesman and Jackson, proclaiming that she is there and she intends to take what is hers.

Afterwards, Hayley and Jackson plan to leave town with Hope to make sure Dahlia doesn't come after her. Marcel spots them and they later go back to where they were. She then comes to the safe place Hope is living and talks to Hayley trying to convince her to deliver Hope to her and Hayley refuses this idea. Elijah then comes and collects some of her blood in order to protect her.

Hayley then delivers a message to the Mikaelsons saying she doesn't want Hope to be one of them. In Fire with Fire , Klaus comes for her. After cursing the wolves and Hayley he finds Hope and tells her everything is going to be okay. In Ashes to Ashes , Klaus daggers himself and Dahlia in order to give his siblings more time to save Hope. Freya wakes up and calls Rebekah who tells Elijah she is with Hope in the woods. Later on, Dahlia manages to get some of Hope's blood which makes Hope upset. Klaus then leaves Hope somewhere safe with Cami while he kills Dahlia and Esther.

After this Klaus tells Hope a bedtime story resuming all that happened during season 2 and explains to her how there is always another chapter to be told.

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In For the Next Millennium , Hope is still being raised by her father. Elijah takes her to see Hayley once a month. In You Hung the Moon , Hayley returns to the compound to reclaim custody of her daughter. Klaus and Hayley come to blows over what is best for Hope and a violent fight breaks out.

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However her parents are stopped in their tracks when they spot Hope walking. Hayley is surprised and heartbroken that she had missed Hope's first steps. Hayley later takes Hope to live with her and Jackson in an apartment across the street, as Klaus watches on from a distance. In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans , Hope is seen crying in her cradle because she cannot sleep due to the loud music on the streets.

In Wild at Heart , Hayley chooses to take Hope to stay at the Abattoir not wanting to stay at her and Jackson's apartment now that Jackson is dead and leaves Hope's her favorite toy. Hayley is holding Hope when she asks to stay at the abattoir. In Dead Angels , Hayley mentions that Hope is crying because of Jackson and she doesn't have her favorite toy. Hayley told him that she didn't want Hope to grow up without a father.

In Alone with Everybody , Hope is with her parents as her mom takes them to her old friend Hollis who is surprised to learn since the last time he saw Hayley she had since became a mother. In Behind the Black Horizon , Hayley mentions to Klaus that she had sent Hope off with Mary and that Hope had fallen asleep as soon as the car had started, so she would be missing them.

Hope is next seen with Hayley as she helps Freya look for the cure for the poison. Hope is heard crying again in Hayley's arms after Elijah and Kol are rushed from being bitten by Marcel at the Mikaelson Compound.