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Mass spinning bees were organized in various colonial cities, and the Daughters advanced that cause most effectively. In January , Boston women signed an agreement, vowing not to drink tea as long as it was taxed. Discoveries like boiled basil leaves to make a tea-like drink helped lift spirits. In , these women helped influence a decision made by Continental Congress to boycott all British goods, which was due in large part to the Daughters of Liberty, who were determined to reach demands for homemade clothing.

Although it is not often recognized, the organizations formed by women were very also influential during the war. Revolutionary Women Women also played a large role during the war.

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Clothing and other materials were needed to clothe Patriot soldiers, so women got together to spin and sew uniforms. When militias appealed to the public for uniforms and food, homespun garments and farm crops came from patriotic women.

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Women also stepped forth to fill holes left by fighting Continental soldiers, and performed tasks formerly reserved for their husbands, such as farming and running a business. Many men would have returned to bankruptcy after the war had it not been for the efforts of their spouses. These newly independent women also had to stand up for themselves and their families when confronted by British soldiers. After the men went off to fight in the war, American women, children, and the elderly were frequently faced with the occupation of their homes, churches, and government buildings by British soldiers.

Non-importation Agreements

With all the war, violence, and fighting between the French, English, Americans and Native Americans in the past, colonial women had learned some sort of self-defense. They knew how to threaten force and even kill someone if necessary. Guns were owned by few, so women grew accustomed to using axes, knifes, gardening and household tools for protection.

The country which we lately traversed, about fifty miles in extent, is called neutral ground, but the miserable inhabitants who remain are not much favored with the privileges which their neutrality ought to secure to them. They are continually exposed to the ravages and insults of infamous banditti, composed of royal refugees and Tories. There are within the British lines lawless villains, who devote themselves to the most cruel pillage and robbery among the defenseless inhabitants between the lines, many of whom they carry off to New York, after plundering their houses and farms.

These shameless marauders have received the names of Cow-boys and Skinners. By their atrocious deeds they have become a scourge and terror to the people. Daughter of a New England parson, wife of John Adams, she is one of the most influential American woman of her time, both socially and politically.

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Her letters to her husband paint a vivid picture of the era, and are filled with insightful comments on politics and government. Born to a modest family of Massachusetts farmers, John Adams chooses to practice law.

By , Adams is a veteran member of the First and Second Continental Congresses, and a leading advocate of independence from England. During the Revolution, Adams serves as a diplomat in Europe, but finds time to write the pathbreaking Massachusetts Constitution of A true revolutionary and a radical propagandist, Adams serves for nine years in the Massachusetts legislature, during which time he helps organize the Sons of Liberty, the Boston Tea Party, and other demonstrations against British rule. Though not a great orator, he is an earnest and shrewd champion of colonists' rights.

A gambler, playboy and sophisticate, British General John Burgoyne moves in the best social circles of London. Deeply ambitious, his dream is to return to England as the conqueror of the American rebels. The battle of Saratoga dashes that hope. Born to poverty in Boston, Franklin rises from a printshop apprenticeship to a career as a skillful politician and diplomat. He wins international fame as a scientist, inventor, and writer and comes to exemplify the self-made man. Slow to side with American patriots in the years before the Revolution, in time he becomes a full-fledged rebel.

A slave in Rhode Island, he runs away from his loyalist master in and serves with the Continental army as a teamster. Eight months later, Grant is reclaimed into slavery.

The Daughters of Liberty

Mass spinning bees were organized in various colonial cities to make homespun substitutes. Since women often purchased consumer goods for the home, the Daughters of Liberty became instrumental in upholding the boycott, particularly where tea was concerned. The most zealous Daughters of Liberty refused to accept gentleman callers for themselves or their daughters who were not sympathetic to the patriot cause.

Daughter of Liberty

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