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When you are on a first opinion advertisement, you will have used to an Amazon class where you can sweep more about the scale and travel it. To understand more about Amazon Sponsored Products, download edge of the universe a voyage somewhat. Approximately 95 percent of the universe is made of dark energy and dark matter, with about 5 percent constituting the familiar stuff of atoms, molecules, people, and planets. Dark energy makes itself felt through its unseen influence on galaxies, causing them to move away from each other at a faster and faster pace.

Dark matter, on the other hand, steers the outer stars of galaxies, binding them to galactic cores. It also supplies the gravitational "glue" needed to keep clusters of galaxies intact. Experiments have failed so far to reveal the true nature of these mysterious entities. These are far from the only cosmological enigmas. A strange dark flow seems to be driving galaxy clusters toward an unknown destination. Scientists wonder if it could be a sign of tugs from regions beyond the observable universe. Indeed the theory of inflation, the leading explanation for why the observable is relatively uniform, offers the intriguing possibility that our universe is a mere bubble in an immeasurably vast multiverse.

Researchers are examining the cosmic microwave background searching for signs of collisions with other universes. The cosmic microwave background offers ample conundrums. A strange alignment, called the "axis of evil," has perplexed astronomers.

Edge of the Universe A Voyage to the Cosmic Horizon and Beyond

While other oddities, such as Stephen Hawking's initials displayed in the radio sky, can be explained by coincidence, could the "axis of evil" represent a preferred direction in the cosmos? Cosmic dragons, unidentified sources lurking in the gamma-ray fog, offer another intriguing puzzle.

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Is time travel possible? Does the universe have unseen extra dimensions?

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Could an advanced civilization construct traversable wormholes to expedite interstellar travel? What is the fate of the universe? Could there have been cycles of time before the Big Bang? It offers a passport to the frontiers of contemporary cosmology, examining the latest discoveries and debates in the scientific quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Book Description Wiley, Condition: Good.

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