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Why are hawks and foxes so great at catching their prey? Animals like hawks have extremely sharp eyesight and hawks have very sharp beaks, so their bodies are designed to help them catch prey.

Prey, such as mice and rabbits, on the other hand, have fantastic hearing and can move quickly to escape their predators. Explore not only talks about the physical and behavioral qualities of predator versus prey, it also discusses how the repercussions of change can affect nature. The book also encourages readers to consider how their own actions have an affect on the environment.

I really enjoy how Nomad Press makes science subjects really fun by adding little facts, colorful cartoons, and additional resources to online and video content to make learning about predators and preys entertaining and accessible for early learners. Projects include interesting experiments to observe, models and maps to create and ways to compare and contrast the predator and prey dynamics. This is a perfect book for home learning for little scientists or for teachers to use and explore in their classrooms with their students.

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She lives in Des Moines, IA, with her family. He lives in Windsor, VT. About Nomad Press : Nomad Press is a Vermont publisher that is focused on educational interests for young children.

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Nomad is interested in engaging children through interactive projects and exploring history and science behind many intriguing topics. Check out the great Nomad Blog for some fun projects to do with your kids! Projects include creating a poetry journal and writing ideas on rocks to combat writer's block.

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Stone's cartoons, which star a fox dressed like a Beat poet and a Shakespearean bear, make for a lively layout, while helping target the book at younger readers and poets-to-be. Here are 25 projects that really work. Diehn offers so many layers of learning in this bright, fun, accessible, wonderful text.

Highly recommended. Praise for other books in series.

Explore Night Science!: With 25 Great Projects by Cindy Blobaum

Explore Natural Resources! National Science Teachers Association. Teachers should consider teaching one chapter per week, which will allow them to have enough time to supervise the elementary aged students. This is the perfect activity book to instruct and demonstrate the immediate interconnectedness humans have with natural resources and the world.

Allen Hershkowitz, Ph. Any young student learning the material in this book will have acquired important scientific knowledge that will benefit them for their entire lives. Given the scientific illiteracy plaguing our nation, I only wish that all grown-ups in the USA would read this book as well.

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Explore Gravity! The great flow of ideas and activities incorporate the cross-curriculum subject areas of STEM, offering many opportunities for teachers and parents to expand and do more. Presents scientific theories of the past and challenges students to look at how modern technology changes the way we interpret them.

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Explore Night Science! The chapters on the senses are a fine introduction to how human senses work, with experiments that further explore the concepts. I've got you covered! Email or call for price. Description From zippers to the Pyramids, rolling pins to catapults, we are surrounded by simple machines.

Explore Simple Machines!: With 25 Great Projects (Explore Your World (Nomad Press)) (Paperback)

Explore Simple Machines With 25 Great Projects introduces kids to the concept of "mechanical advantage," and harnesses kid-power by inviting them to build machines of their own design. It opens their eyes to the diversity of machines in their lives, and sparks the imagination with challenge, humor, and achievable projects. Kids will develop analytical skills as they figure out where force is applied and what kind of work it generates.

About the Author Anita Yasuda is a qualified Montessori and early childhood education teacher and the author of more than 20 books, including the Being Green series, Explore Native American Culture!