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Eternal Security Life in Christ Welcome back! In the first message we learnt how we all sinned in Adam - we're guilty human beings with a fallen Federal Head and so Scripture: Romans 5 , 1 Corinthians Denomination: Brethren.

Fifty Sermon Outlines on the Way of Salvation

A sermon outline to use to preach on the process of sanctification. Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Scripture: Romans There was a child that was only twelve A young man that was on his way to the graveyard And then there was Lazarus dead and buried in His tomb for four days already!!!

So basically Jesus broke up Denomination: Pentecostal. Just walked thru waterfalls. Fabulous Day Pesto Pasta - creek - hot cocoa Got into the tent and read our passage and 1 verse stuck out.

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Scripture: 1 John God chose to do Scripture: Ephesians It is living by the grace of God and walking in the path of faith. Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest man who ever lived. What made John so great, and how can we live life to the fullest by following his example?

That leap second gave each of us a whole extra second to Scripture: Mark Denomination: Lutheran.

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Only through Christ is our destiny changed from "death" to "life. Destined for Life! This is the fourth peace of intimacy with God. It is the peace that settles the mind, strengthens the will and establishes the heart. By justification by accepting Christ as Savior. By praying about everything. By being spiritually minded. By keeping his mind upon God. Oh, that you had heeded My commandments!

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By Loving the Brethren. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. Against such there is no law. It is real and it is there for you……. You must be logged in to post a comment. Philippians A lot of people want to understand how to have peace.

If he has lost his peace, he becomes self-conscious and sheepishly shy and guilty and maybe discouraged and defeated. Note : The message of the bloody cross of Jesus is still a strange message to those who have never experienced its life changing power. To them it is " foolishness ".

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This word comes from the same word from which we get our word " Moron ". To the lost the idea of trusting a suffering, bleeding man for salvation is moronic! A Shocking Message - A brutal, awful death was experienced there on that cross. The death Christ died on the cross was one of absolute torture.

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You and I cannot even begin to imagine all the pain that Jesus was forced to endure for our sakes. Allow me to refresh your mind this morning about the terrible price Jesus paid for you as He suffered for sin that day. Scourged - Matt. Beaten - Luke Spit upon - Matt. Beard Plucked from His Face - Isa. Mocked - Matt. Stripped Naked - Matt. Nailed to the Cross - Matt.

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The ancient Assyrians were the first to " crucify " their victims. However, they did not nail them to cross, they merely impaled them on sharpened stakes and left them to die a horrible death that often took several days. When the Romans came along, they streamlined the method and added the little touch of actually nailing their victims to the cross. This method of death usually took several days as well. These truths don't even begin to scratch the surface of Jesus suffered for you and me, Isa.

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His was a bitter cup, but one that He drank of willingly so that we might be saved, Luke Note : To hear the details of Christ's death on the cross is disturbing! But, it is a necessary truth that mist be proclaimed and must be heard before there can be salvation. Friend, there is only one way for you to get to God and that is by the way of the cross. There is no salvation apart from faith in the work of Jesus on Calvary! A Simple Message - Ill. Not clouded by demands and details, but delivered in simplicity and clarity. One of the problems with the modern church is that we have tried to attach too many conditions to salvation.

However, the Bible is clear when it tells us that the way to be saved is for the sinner to accept by faith what the Bible teaches about Jesus and His atoning death on the cross, Rom. This is what the preaching of the cross is all about! It is not about you quitting your sins! It is about you coming to Jesus by faith! It's not about turning over a new leaf, it's about placing your faith in Jesus and Him alone for salvation!