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Zinc Air batteries have four little air holes. The bottom positive end of the zinc-air battery has a tab that seals these holes keeping the air out until the battery is ready to be used. They are supplied individually or in blister cards. The quantity per card is listed so that where possible you may order in card quantities. Order One To Receive One! SEE the next page Highest Quality.

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OEM specifications. IC controlled. Mains or car adaptors. Excellent value! User intervention required for charge termination.

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Bad cell detection. Circuit LEDs. Car and Mains adaptors inc. Input; 12Vdc Accessories Socket Output; 1. Charges 1 to 10 Cells, 0.

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Requires connection solution. Supplied with alligator clips.

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Metal box robust construction. Intelligent Delta V Circuitry. Adjustable current limit 0. Holds its charge for a long time years! Modern style packaging. Works with any charger. Sold fully charged like an alkaline battery and with better performance too. But able to be recharged in any Ni-MH fast charger. Does not loose its charge while not in use like other rechargeable batteries do.

Power 1. Sold fully charged like an alkaline battery and works in any NiMH fast-charger. Massive capacities and does not loose charge while waiting for use like other batteries. Volts 1. Ready to use whenever you are. Premium Grade Varta. Prices are for pairs. Capacity will inevitably increase with updates.

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Buy one to receive a pack of two. Premium grade cell for use in long term reliability and rapid charging. Please order by our CAD code. Height 16H H mAh Style Yellow in colour. Height Chrg mAh Code BVS2 2. Japanese cells. Power Type Code 9. High performance, high current dump and handles fast charging.

High current lead. Original Deans USA made. Plug, Socket, Heatshrink. Adaptors for assorted batteries, including Tamiya. Alligator clips. Completely professional solution for extra fast pit-stops! Rapid charges up to 4 Amps. Includes automatic reconditioner circuit for maximising your battery performance every time!

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Intelligent Delta-V circuitry for exception battery handling giving the fastest charge and maintaining excellent battery life. Six LED status indicators.

Charging Current meter Current limit adjust 0. Gives quicker and more reliable RC battery power connections. Compatible with the P kit. Four status levels displayed by 4 LEDs. Velcro strap. Ring terminal leads. Suit 12V SLA check. Water resistant. High Grade. Long Life. Please contact us! Ebooks and Manuals

Volts Type Size Plug Code 3. Weight Size Code 6V 7. Weight Size Code 6V 3. Weight Size Code 6V 5. Generally Wattage rated. Weight Size Code 12V 2. Premium Gold. Due to their low impedance, discharge current can be very high without risk of damage. They can be fully recharged in less than 1 Hr! Do not dry out and can be charged in any position.

AGM Type. Fully protected With multiple stage charging for maximising performance. This will save you time and prolong the life of your expensive sealed lead acid batteries. Suits 6V or 12V. Excellent for electric cars Golf carts, motor bikes, etc. Pro grade. Micro-processor controlled. With LED Status indicators. Water proof power pack IP Wall mount bracket solution. Spark proof. Fully protected. Alligator or ring contacts. Water proof IP Ideal wheelchair, golf buggy, heavy-duty 24V charger. Input VAC. Output Charges up to Ah batteries. Switch mode. Monitored and charged.

Thus if load exceeds 10A or if mains disconnected then additional power comes from the battery. Made in Australia GSL. With indicators.