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He would find himself in a vast, dark room, as big as an oil tanker, isolated and alone. He could never feel the walls. Eventually, he felt the walls and could see out.

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I just recently totally reworked it. Got it down to a tight 96 pages. Maybe you should read this too. I flipped the script open at random and saw:. We stand ready for your command. It is nevertheless fascinating as a window into a very strange realm.

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You would be surprised the requests we get. The Exit Videos are so important to Rio that he includes full transcripts in his book. The videos are short; each of the 38 statements one member chose to say nothing is less than five minutes long. I watched them all. Instantly noticeable was how similar everyone looks.

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Equally striking is their uniform serenity. There is none of the malevolence seen in the martyrdom videos of suicide bombers; these people were not political pawns and would never have hurt anyone. To a person, they seem remarkably ordinary. Everyone who ever dealt with them said they were smart, capable and caring. Days before dying, they do not seem afraid, coerced or disturbed. Even DO, whose delusional rambling goes on at some length, is not the same raving sociopath one sees in Jim Jones.

All psychological ties that bind you to this planet must be cut. More than anything else, sex held back the Process.


It was prohibited, along with anything having the potential for arousal. That included jeans, jewelry, dresses, Little House on the Prairie. No hugging was tolerated: It tricked the vehicle into unwelcome sensuality. Yous a good kiddlie. Rio himself was not castrated.

A thick Procedures Book, spiral-bound and handwritten, regulated every facet of life. Bathing lasted six minutes and used 1 gallon of water. The Procedures Book designated what television shows could be watched, what books could be read and where the students could sit, and laid out detailed schedules with precise times, such as vitamin intake at p.

It specified the circumference of pancakes. And the recipes for those meals were exactly measured. When members prepared coffee not to drink, but for their enemas it too was precisely rationed. There, every transaction made by the group was meticulously documented with receipts. Rio and the others submitted to this intense routine to prepare for the accuracy required of a crew on a spacecraft. Like, say, partaking in the body and blood of Christ every Sunday? We all know that Jesus, one of many schismatic religious peddlers in biblical Judea, was scorned for his beliefs.

An interesting point, but one should also acknowledge the psychological bargain the group offered in exchange. I talked to one former member who counts his 13 years with DO as a tragic mistake but still pointed out that there was something comforting about being inside. It was a utopia. They were all caterpillars, and they needed the safe haven of the chrysalis to become butterflies.

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In a way, this is a very beautiful image. That they killed themselves for it seems bizarre only because it happened in San Diego, with five Jamba Juices and a Green Burrito nearby. At the turn of the previous millennium, Christian Europe was full of apocalyptic sects prepared for blood. And many medieval Christian monks castrated themselves for the sake of purity. When you get down to it, just how much of human history is filled with willing martyrs for heaven or some other abstract cause?

Two hundred thousand Englishmen were slaughtered for queen and country at the Somme. Does that make any more sense than what happened in Rancho Santa Fe? The answer may be that this is the wrong question, because none of it makes sense.

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Dying for the patrie is just as arbitrary as dying for duty or glory or Marshall Herff Applewhite. This was the reason he felt the urge to leave the mansion in March He was meant to tell the story. Humans are bit players in a vast galactic drama, including at least one alien summit on Mars. The protagonist is a telepathic man-dog descended from the Atlanteans who has a crystal embedded in his forehead and journeys to Earth to grow a soul.

The first draft was several hundred pages long, and featured concept art for all the different alien races and ships. NBC, Rio said, was interested. All of this checked out when I tracked down Alex Pappas and Rick Singer, the producers who shopped the script around in and Needed rhythm.

This is all true.

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Presently Incarnate. In the immediate aftermath of the suicides, Rio used his newfound infamy to try to jump-start their Hollywood efforts. Maybe the script will sell now. There, Rio was dodging the press, many of whom were staying in the hotel. During the day, Rio and Matzorkis would take meetings at the restaurant on the roof. Rio spent nearly a week with screenwriter Phil Penningroth, who had previously scripted a TV movie about Waco. He quit the project, and it died not long after. When the limelight faded, Rio slowly reactivated his life.

As seen in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the main character Gilgamesh wants to become more godlike as to escape death.

Foretold: An Epic Spiritual Journey

Already two-thirds god, Gilgamesh wishes to eliminate the part of him that forces him to face death. Death becomes a large issue for Gilgamesh, one that cannot be overcome or avoided due to the fact that while he is part god he is also human, and as part human he must succumb to the fatal flaw of all humans, death. However Gilgamesh 's fear of death does not surface until. The Epic of Gilgamesh is the story of King Gilgamesh who is the powerful king of Uruk, the incidents in his life, the associations he makes, the encounters he has, and the transition that occurs in his life in relation to his gaining.

The epic poem uses dreams as a symbolic representation of the human mind and its ceaseless bounds. Furthermore, each mental fantasy referenced within the epic delineates the rationale of all. Epic of Gilgamesh was not composed to be subtle. Originally, this piece was composed to be told aloud by a bard. This style, as well as the juxtaposition of extravagant, lengthy descriptions of Gilgamesh, next to. Epic of Gilgamesh and Beowulf, are two stories where there is heavy symbolism associated with the monsters.

Both characters form relationships with the supernatural throughout their journeys. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh faces many monsters. These monsters represent the obstacles blocking him from completing his spiritual journey. One of the many signs that Gilgamesh relates. This would explain the abundance of distinct character features, exaggerated scenarios, and countless approaches to new, bigger problems in these tales.

But one of the most favored approaches to symbolism and interpretations seems to be through the way of dreams. Tell us if something is incorrect. Susan Smith Davis.

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Book Format: eBook. Digital delivery to your. Walmart eBooks App. Sold by Kobo. Product Highlights This story takes into the account of a young lady with a normal life of a Christian mother and housewife suddenly introduced to a changed life beyond the normal by learning of spiritually foretelling events that would change everything for her. Events occur over the course of several years which ine.