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And in watermelon, a deep red color signifies more lycopene, an antioxidant that may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. A high-sugar diet boosts blood sugar, which in turn plays havoc with your heart by increasing levels of LDL cholesterol while lowering heart-friendly HDL cholesterol, and tripling your risk for fatal cardiovascular disease.

The American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than 6 teaspoons 25 grams of added sugar a day, and men no more than 9 teaspoons 36 grams.

How likely are you to live to 90? Depends on your gender and body size - CNN

Vitamin D, a bright byproduct of sunlight, has many health benefits, including a link to longevity. But too much vitamin D increases your risk of dying as much as too little, according to a Danish study. So you want to get the right amount. The smart plan: Ask your doctor if you would benefit from extra D in pill form. In a large study of more than 40, Japanese men and women, drinking five or more cups of green tea a day was associated with a 12 percent decrease in mortality among men and a 23 percent decrease among women.

Not taking time off work might, indeed, be deadly.

One study of men at high risk for coronary artery disease found that those who failed to take annual vacations were 32 percent more likely to die of a heart attack. And in the long-running Framingham Heart Study, women who vacationed just once every six years were eight times more likely to develop coronary artery disease or have a heart attack than women who vacationed twice a year. The average American eats one serving of whole grains daily — and that may be just a single morning slice of toast.

Chan School of Public Health. Have some oatmeal or brown rice, or get adventurous and go for quinoa, barley, even farro. Eating hot chili peppers may add years to your life. In a analysis of the dietary habits of more than 16, men and women over 23 years, those who reported eating hot peppers reduced their risk of dying by 13 percent. Not a fan of those peppers? Even a little spice can have health benefits.

But research published in the journal Circulation in concluded that those who consumed the most dairy fat had a 50 percent lower risk of developing diabetes, a disease that can shorten your life by eight to 10 years on average. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that those who sipped more H 2 O ended up eating 68 to fewer calories per day. Learn about health discoveries, explore brain games and read great articles in the 'Your Health' Newsletter.

Who would die first of starvation – a fat or a thin person?

Coffee does more than help you wake up; it also reduces your risk of stroke, diabetes and some cancers. Mind you, a cup is 8 ounces, so your ounce Starbucks grande is really two cups by that measure. A University of Maryland study found that Amish men live longer than typical Caucasian men in the United States, and both Amish men and women have lower rates of hospitalization.

What are the Amish ways? Lots of physical activity, less smoking and drinking, and a supportive social structure involving family and community. The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine , found that mortality rates were lowest overall for pesco-vegetarians those who eat fish occasionally , followed by vegans those who eat no animal products , and lacto-ovo vegetarians those who eat dairy and eggs. The Mediterranean diet, with its reliance on fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish and nuts, is one of the healthiest diets for both overall health and longevity. Harvard researchers, reporting in the BMJ in , found that those who followed the diet most closely had longer telomeres, which cap the end of each strand of DNA and protect chromosomes from damage.

Even those who only sporadically followed the diet reaped longevity benefits, researchers found. Cutting your portions helps you cut calories, which aids in weight loss and more. If you want to reach , put down the fork, says Dan Buettner, who studies longevity hot spots around the world, such as Okinawa, Japan. Buettner found that the oldest Okinawans stop eating when they feel 80 percent full.

A National Institutes of Health-funded study similarly found that cutting back calories reduced blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin resistance. More-than-moderate alcohol consumption generally, more than one drink a day for women or more than two a day for men leads to a shorter life span.

Money might not make you happier, but it will help you live longer. A study by Stanford researchers published in JAMA found that people whose income bracket was in the top 1 percent lived nearly 15 years longer than those in the bottom 1 percent. The disparity could be attributed to healthier behaviors in higher-income groups, including less smoking and lower obesity rates, researchers say. Loma Linda, Calif.

Could a Few Extra Pounds Help You Live Longer?

Nevada, Indiana and Oklahoma have the lowest life expectancy less than 78 years. A few studies on the link between pet ownership and health have found that owning a pet can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, even improve the odds of surviving a heart attack. Now the American Heart Association has weighed in with a report published in the journal Circulation that recommends owning a dog, in particular, for those seeking to reduce their risk of deadly heart disease.

Dog owners are more likely to be physically active and are also less vulnerable to the effects of stress, the report says. Do you wake up looking forward to something? In a study published in the Lancet , researchers found that those with the highest sense of purpose were 30 percent less likely to die during the 8. Attending religious services once a week has been shown to add between four and 14 years to life expectancy, according to researchers who study blue zones.

Ask to join a friend at her services, or just drop in at a nearby house of worship; most have an open-door policy. Even seemingly healthy foods — like sprouts, cantaloupe, berries and raw tuna — can make you sick or even kill you, says the FDA. Your action plan: Keep your kitchen pristine, wash your hands and utensils before and after handling food, separate raw and cooked foods, refrigerate perishable food promptly, and cook food to a safe temperature to kill deadly bacteria. People residing at higher altitudes tend to live longer, a study by the University of Colorado and the Harvard School of Global Health revealed.

Lose Weight - Lose Belly Fat - How To Lose Belly Fat

Of the 20 healthiest counties in America, many are in Colorado and Utah. Researchers think lower oxygen levels might cause your body to adapt in ways that strengthen your heart and circulation. Eating a handful of nuts five times per week can lower your mortality risk from certain diseases. In a European study of adults ages 55 to 69, those who ate 10 grams of nuts daily — 8 almonds or 6 cashews — reduced their risk of death from any health-related cause by 23 percent.

As for specific ailments, consuming a handful of nuts at least five times per week lowers the mortality risk for heart disease by 29 percent , respiratory disease 24 percent and cancer 11 percent , according to a previous U. Laughter really is the best medicine, helping to reduce stress, boost the immune system, reduce pain and improve blood flow to the brain.

In fact, laughter has the same effect on blood vessels as exercise, report researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. Studies show that loneliness increases the risk of early death by 45 percent. It weakens the immune system and raises blood pressure while increasing the risk for heart attacks and stroke. By contrast, people with strong ties to friends and family have as much as a 50 percent lower risk of dying, according to a study in PLOS Medicine.

So visit a friend. While babysitting every day is stressful, regularly watching the grands can lower your risk of dying by a third, according to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior. That adds up to an extra five years of life, researchers say. They speculate that caregiving gives grandparents a sense of purpose, and keeps them mentally and physically active. A Johns Hopkins University study found that some , patients die each year in hospitals from medical mistakes, such as misdiagnoses, poor practices and conditions, and drug errors.

Sometimes the best way to avoid a grave condition is not to enter the system at all. How does your brain score? Find out at Staying Sharp. Sounds like we made it up, but scientific research supports the longevity benefits of reading — newspapers and magazines will do, but books are the best. Levy, a professor of epidemiology at Yale. This and other smart publications can keep you up to date on health info. So keep reading aarp.

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By then, a small problem could have morphed into a life-threatening illness. In one English study, researchers found that less than 60 percent of people who developed unusual symptoms in the previous three months had seen a doctor. Symptoms that might point to cancer include: unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more this can be an indication of cancers of the esophagus, stomach or lungs ; fever; extreme fatigue; changes in bowel or bladder habits; or unusual bleeding.

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Other unusual symptoms that could signal disease? A patch of rough, dark skin could indicate diabetes, and a strange color on your tongue could signal serious acid-reflux issues. Was your home built before , when lead paint was outlawed? One trip to the store can get you all you need to test for these toxic substances. Just 1 in 3 families have a fire-safety plan, says Robert Cole, president of Community Health Strategies, an injury-prevention education organization based in Pittsford, N.

Many waste time figuring out what to do, or trying to take belongings with them. Everyone should know what to do and how to get out safely.

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Studies show that female doctors are more effective communicators than male physicians. When Harvard researchers in analyzed Medicare records documenting more than 1.

Previous studies have suggested that female doctors are more likely to follow clinical guidelines and are more effective communicators. Within one or two days of your last meal, your body will have exhausted all the glycogen stored in the liver and muscles. For this reason, doctors normally consider 40 to 50 per cent weight loss as life-threatening, regardless of your initial body weight. Total starvation is normally fatal in eight to 12 weeks. In less extreme cases, however, where you are still receiving some calories — particularly if these calories include a high proportion of protein — being fat will help you survive much longer, because your body will be able to meet the majority of your calorie requirements from stored fat.

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Who would die first of starvation — a fat or a thin person? Read more: The thought experiment: How fat do you have to be to stop a bullet?