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Before sitting down to write this, I: washed dishes, scrubbed down my stovetop, took out the garbage and recycling, put new bags in the garbage and recycling bins, organized the stack of unread books on my desk by the expected likelihood of me eventually reading them, organized the cup of pens on my desk, took my dog on a walk around the block, and poured myself a second cup of coffee. Will this be the best article I have ever written?

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Haha, I was raised Catholic. How many professionals can say that?

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But last week, author Rebecca Schuman tweeted that words a day was her policy, suggesting it as a workable pace for any writer working on a long-term project. She called it the rule: words a day or five pages of edits, five days a week.

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Others were snotty about it, which, fine. If you want to be a special and untameable creative force, enjoy. But for most people, or at least people hoping to one day get paid for their work, words a day seems to be a sweet spot.

Productivity-wise, doing less really is more. For me, for instance, this rate has led to finished first drafts within eight to ten months.


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Less than a year! The jargon that doctors deal with also lends itself to bad handwriting.

This handwriting analysis will tell you. Plus, some terms that are totally clear to medical experts might leave you scratching your head.

How to ‘just write’

Brocato, who now mostly types, says doctors are extra careful when it comes to prescriptions in which a tiny misread could have major consequences. Those tiny nuances in sloppy handwriting could be bad news for treatment.

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Now, doctors are moving toward electronic medical records to cut down on lost-in-translation errors. Some states even legally require doctors to send in prescriptions electronically instead of passing over handwritten slips. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

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  • Excessive writing is bad writing For one thing, doctors have to write more than just about any other job. Originally Published on sitename. Popular Videos. Sign up.