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A comfortable boyfriend back home, a loving family, and a challenging job as a flight nurse. But in July , Georgie's cozy life gets decidedly more complicated when she meets pharmacist Sgt. John Hutchinson. While Georgie and Hutch share a love of the starry night skies over Sicily, their lives back home are falling apart. Can they weather the hurt and betrayal? Or will the pressures of war destroy the fragile connection they've made? Christian principles were artfully woven throughout and it created a credible, inspiring story.

I loved, loved seeing the characters from book 1 again and having them just keep going with the story. Some moments were definitely harder to bear though, and although this novel was not just "sad", it was undoubtedly the sadder of the three, and had a few scenes where I nearly cried.

But overall it was just beautiful, so entrancing, and I dove into book 3 immediately after finishing. The setting is so exciting, so adventurous, so enriching, and just so pleasant to learn about. I believe that of the three books in this series, On Distant Shores is equal parts the saddest and sweetest, given the tragedies that occur and the gentle love story that developed between the main characters.

Wings of the Nightingale

Every moment spent reading this novel gave me some kind of strong emotion, and it was impossible to put down and since I was on the road for hours on end, I thankfully didn't really have to. It was full of interesting information about the role of pharmacists in the war, and the setting is so well depicted, you can actually see the set-up tents full of crates and medicine and prescriptions.

Stand-alone novel, as the author replays the last quarter of book 1 from the perspective of different characters in order to let the reader know what happened off stage. I would still recommend reading With Every Letter first though, as it was an amazing read and establishes an even deeper connection with the characters. My review so doesn't do justice to this amazing book, and I'm really kicking myself for not reviewing it sooner, but regardless, add this book to your shelf now, you surely won't regret it!! View all 17 comments. Jan 13, Jesseca Wheaton rated it it was amazing.

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Another excellent book by Sarah Sundin!! Seriously, every time I read another book by her, I fall in love with new characters and want to keep them all! Unfortunately, I have library copies. And oh my goodness, Bergie was so much fun!!! I absolutely loved his character!! I know, I do change favorite characters a lot. View 1 comment. Jan 26, Kellyn Roth rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-for-adults , adventurous-books , christian-fiction , historical-fiction , books-for-teens , romance-general , beautiful-exteriors. Reread May 22nd This is my least favorite of the series - due to Hutch not being my favorite hero, mostly But I still loved it.

It was definitely heartbreaking! Of course, every other Sarah Sundin book has broken my heart in a unique way, but this one … so much stuff to kill one internally!

On Distant Shores (Wings of the Nightingale, book 2) by Sarah Sundin

Rose oh, Reread May 22nd This is my least favorite of the series - due to Hutch not being my favorite hero, mostly Rose oh, wow … that was so heartbreaking! Reminds me of my BFF a little, honestly. Hutch … oh, my word, Hutch. I hate how no one respects him! Like, no one. Not a single person, honestly. This series.


They are like this little team of spunky awesome people. As a whole, the series was amazing. It let us look through the eyes of the lesser-sung heroes and heroines, to some extent of WW2. It is high on emotions with a beautiful Christian message in each book and characters so well-developed you feel as if you know them. Aug 28, Andrea Cox rated it liked it Shelves: challenges , cover-love. Firstly, I loved the surprises good and bad! This story dealt well with fears and the niggling affects of them after the initial fears are overcome.

This portion of the book reminded me of my own journey with a severe fear of water after two near-drowning incidents in my childhood. The emotions of this story were rich and add so much flavor to the tale by Andrea Renee Cox This was an enjoyable book, but there were pieces of it that were a little conflicting for me. The emotions of this story were rich and add so much flavor to the tale. What I really struggled with was having a Christian character be fascinated with Greek mythology and to be curious about foreign gods.

These things are of the devil and are contradictory to the Christian faith. It really irritates me when mythology is shown to be a positive thing, because it is one of the devil's ways of twisting God's truth. There were six sentence fragments that stood out to me as out of place or had an abrupt rhythm, and I found one typo. There was one mention of a two-piece swimsuit.

On Distant Shores Wings of the Nightingale Book #2 A Novel

Something I noticed that is pretty common with love-triangle stories was that the boyfriend was condescending to Georgie. I could see, I suppose, why she chose someone like him--her parents treated her the same way--but it made it hard for me to root for her at times because I couldn't relate to dating such a completely inconsiderate, rude, controlling, and condescending man.

Sometimes I can buy into a bad-guy thing, but what was his motivation for treating her like he did?

On Distant Shores (Wings of the Nightingale Book #2): A Novel

Was it for sport? Had his mom mistreated his dad, so he decided he'd never allow that to happen to him?

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  8. If some of his past and reasoning were in there, perhaps I could have understood him better and had a bit of sympathy for him. Overall, On Distant Shores was an enjoyable, entertaining story. It was great to read a WWII story again; it had been a while for me, and I realized partway through that I had desperately missed it. I was not compensated for my honest review.

    View all 5 comments. This is the second book from Sarah Sundin and the second in the series. I enjoyed this book a lot more than book 1 in the series.

    I liked Georgie in book 1, but simply loved her in her own story. I loved seeing her grow, from someone allowing others to dictate for her, allowing her fears to consume her, to a strong women who trust God even in horrible situations and following His path for her. I loved also how she was the one to reach out to Hutch when he was too stubborn to.

    Sometimes, the women This is the second book from Sarah Sundin and the second in the series. Sometimes, the women is the one to reconcile bridges. Hutch, I went through ups and downs from liking him, loving him, and being totally frustrated with him. His story was such a great example of what will happen when you lose your focus from God, and allow your dreams to become your obsession and motivation for life, and what bitterness and self-pity can do to you and your relationships.