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It is at that time that the true genius of Charlie Muffin is revealed. Muffin may not look like much and he acts like even less but he is the best survivor the Service has ever seen and the young punks in charge will come to learn that fact and regret having ever chosen him to take the fall. As the series progresses, Muffin is some times on the outs with the Service, some times actually hunted by them, but eventually an understanding comes to pass. They learn they cannot beat him and he learns that he needs the work, and the challenge.

Red Star Burning: A Thriller (The Charlie Muffin Series Book 15)

One thing that never changes, though, is that Charlie Muffin is one of the best that there has ever been. Regretably, only one movie has been made about this extraordinary character. I have not seen it but since it starts David Hemmings who is a terrific actor, I hope to get a chance some day. It was a made-for-tv movie so it might be hard to get. Look for Charlie Muffin Euston Films Brian Freemantle's name belongs spoken in the same breath that might utter sounds like LeCarre and Deighton. He is that good!

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His character, Charlie Muffin, is under-appreciated in the chronicles Mr. Freemantle wrote and even more so in the world of mass-market publication. There are a few characters whose return always generates notice, like a new James Bond movie, but Charlie Muffin, unfortunately, is not in that category though he so definitely belongs there.

When you read a Muffin adventure, you will, if you are like me, shake your head in pity when Charlie is once again underestimated and grin widely when Charlie comes through again, usually at the cost of those who counted him out. And what makes it such a total delight is the way that Charlie pulls off these feats of victory are always as unpredictable as they are logical. It takes a true genius writer to accomplish that time after time. Freemantle is such a man. I discovered Charlie Muffin way back in the dark ages of the late 's, and being a fan of thrillers and mysteries, I was instantly hooked.

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I find the comparison to Lt. Columbo to be spot on: the unkempt underdog that no one takes seriously-until it is too late. And although they are serious thrillers in the grand tradition there is also much humor as well. I recently began reading them again in order and even though I know how they end I still get a smile of satisfaction when Charlie once again shows why he is a survivor.

I highly recommend the harlie Muffin series to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, full of twists and turns, and a character who is clever and unpredictable. Excellent series, and one which has been shamefuuly overlooked by most. Freemantle is a superior writer and craftsman who deserves to be more widely read.

And there are two more books which need to be added to the above list.

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Tell us what you think of the series. Give your grade and comments. Hello, Guest Sign In Register. But one thing Charlie Muffin has always known what to do is how to be a survivor. This is an awesome book that, IMHO, has gotten nothing of the attention it so very much deserves. I recommend it as highly as I know how! He is, of course, spotted and suddenly both the British and the American agencies are at work to exact their undeserved revenge.

To their dismay, they inadvertently let Charlie know they are after him.

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  • Now it is a fight. The man, an insurance underwriter, is in certain danger of bankruptcy due to the destruction of an ocean liner his firm was insuring.

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    Written by Brian Freemantle Copyright: Willoughby approaches Charlie Muffin with yet another plea for assistance when he begins to fear for the safety of a precious stamp collection on show in America. Muffin discovers that all is not right but even he cannot suspect that he and the stamps are pawns in a scheme by the FBI to capture a major Mafia don. Though not enough to get caught, they are enough to get noticed. Charlie is Russia's long-term target in British counter-intelligence, and Moscow is determined to extract, by whatever means necessary, every secret of Britishand Westernespionage over Charlie's thirty-year career.

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    Charlie's determined not only to resist the interrogation but to learn from it if his Russian intelligence-officer wife and their daughter escaped the trap that snared him and have reached England. He embarks on a cat-and-mouse battle of deception to convince his interrogators that they're learning what they wantor think they wantaware that one misspoken word could be fatal.

    That's not Charlie's only problem. He's also trying to work out how his escape was foiled.

    It could not have been only due to the FSB, or his wife and daughter would have been caught as well. His MI5 boss doesn't think it was, either, and suspects treachery by Britain's external intelligence organization, MI6.