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She is married, has two children, and lives in Bedford, MA. Art and Copyright. Lonely Stardust ,—a collection of plays and essays came out in Andrea bikes at night year round, meeting bears, multi-legged creatures of light and breath, and the occasional shooting star. Brother Can You Spare a Shire? Active in the replica prop building community for the past five years, the full scale dalek he built which visited Arisia in uses the same materials and techniques as the original prop.

Elektra Hammond emulates her multi-sided idol Buckaroo Banzai by going in several directions at once. When not freelancing or appearing at science fiction conventions she travels world-wide judging cat shows. Forest Handford is a fire artist from Newport, Rhode Island. Forest works as a programmer at Carbonite. His website is EastCoastGames. He recently founded VoteSquared. Jeff Hecht is a freelance science and technology writer, a correspondent for the weekly New Scientist and a contributing editor to Laser Focus World.

He holds a B. Other interests include modeling and simulation of economic and social systems, history, SF-based gaming, polyamory, and mythology viewed as entertainment, a cultural attribute, and psychological drive. Lisa Hertel is an artist from a long line of artists to be continued.

She usually works in clay and watercolors, but has been known to work with pencils, glass, paper, metal and more. In her spare time, she helps run literary science fiction conventions, including being the chair of Arisia Visit her at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, studio , where she offers art classes for children and adults.

Or just come try her human-powered kickwheel. Andy Hicks is a radio and television producer for WGBH, who has written and produced hundreds of spots. She also edits books, musicals and poetry, as well as writing her own. In she was nominated for the Rhysling poetry award in the short form category. She works in publishing and IT, and occasionally produces albums and DVDs for her various musical projects. In whatever time she has left over, she crochets an insane amount and runs local music events.

She enjoys steampunk, costuming, weird crafts, and watching old TV shows from her childhood via Netflix. Corsets, Clockwork, Colonialism: Perspective. Sharone Horowit-Hendler is a linguistic anthropology graduate student, currently working on her PhD.

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She is studying how we create and present our gender identities through our language. She is an avid reader, board gamer, and table top gamer, who also sings, writes music though rarely , and makes adorable jewelry and pins out of sculpy. She is also a member of the Teseracte Players of Boston and looks forward to performing for you this Arisia. Western Animation Damsels of Color. Walter H.

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His first four Dark Wing novels were published by Tor Books and are now available from Baen as e-books. He has a background in history, with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and he speaks two other languages German and Spanish. A member of the Masonic Fraternity, Walter H. Hunt has served as Master of two different Lodges in Massachusetts. He is a devoted baseball fan and board gamer; his first published game was published in by Rio Grande Games. He has been married for more than half of his life, and he and his wife have one daughter who is a product of their affection and unusual joint sense of humor.

Elaine lives in New Hampshire with her family where she works part-time as an adventure guide. In addition to writing and teaching, Elaine enjoys taiko drumming, kayaking, rock climbing, and all manner of fiber arts. Felicitas Ivey is the pen name of a very frazzled helpdesk drone at a Boston area University. Felicitas writes Urban Fantasy and Horror of a Lovecraftian nature—monsters beyond space and time that think humans are the tastiest things in the multiverse—that is passing as MalexMale Romance. She divides her free time between writing and slowly working her way through her yarn stash, even as she adds more to it periodically.

He is the author of five other novels, including Carve the Sky , Nimbus , and Deepdrive , and a number of short stories. He recently completed a YA alternate history adventure novel, Door of Worlds. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also reviews for Publishers Weekly. Alex Jarvis is a Meat Popsicle. Jemisin is a Brooklyn author whose short fiction and novels have been multiply nominated for the Hugo, the World Fantasy Award, and the Nebula, shortlisted for the Crawford and the Tiptree, and have won the Locus Award. Her latest novel, The Shadowed Sun , was published in June from Orbit Books, and she is at work on her next trilogy—the first book of which, The Fifth Season , is due out in August Her website is nkjemisin.

Jules is an evolutionary biologist, speculative fiction reader and writer, and purveyor of bizarre fanfictions. The Ecology of Fantasy Worlds. She holds an MS in Library Science from. Eri Kagami —Presenting panels since Anime Central at the humble age of 16, Eri enjoys public speaking and teaching.

As a veteran to the anime con scene, Eri has seen the changes in fandom and convention culture. Growing up with the convention scene, Eri feels the need the educate the kids on old school anime and create open discussion forums on nostalgia anime for the 90s kids that keep coming back.

She has also judged cosplay contests for smaller, local events. She is particularly interested in shoujo manga, self-publishing, and the history of comics. She writes for Comics Alliance. The Legend of Korra Anime vs. Con Suite, among others.

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He also has worked on and attended number of WorldCons over the years. She loves empowering people to have their best lives possible. Visit Catherine and her husband, Starwolf, at Foresight on Facebook, www. Past endeavors include two blogathons, one nanowrimo, and participating in panels at Pi-con and Arisia.

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She spends far too much of her disposable income on costume pieces, wirework jewelry, and books. Melissa is Fundraising and Publicity Chair for the Transcending Boundaries Conference and committed to making the fandom community safe and comfortable for anyone who wants to participate.

Faith Karklin was introduced to Arisia in and has found herself returning every year since. Asexuality Jeff Kaufman is a musician, gamer, and singer living in Somerville, MA. He writes a blog www. Contra Dance Techno Contra. Jeff Keller is a Boston-area song session leader and occasional filker.

Leigh Perry is Toni L. Kelner in disguise, or maybe vice versa.

As Leigh, she writes the Family Skeleton mysteries. The Skeleton Takes a Bow , the second, came out in September Dead But Not Forgotten is their most recent.

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Kelner, Jr. Rachel Kenley is a novelist, workshop leader, radio host, and co-founder of the Writers Business School. She is the best-selling author of erotic romance novels and anthologies. Her current works include a paranormal middle grade and a series set in a diner on the Jersey Shore. When she is not writing she is homeschooling her sons, trying unsuccessfully to keep up with laundry, and laughing as much as possible. She loves reading, chocolate, her morning cup of coffee and retail therapy. Learn more about the business of selling your books at www. He is an avid re-enactor and belongs to a number of groups that recreate various periods.

He is the commanding officer of the New England Brigade, an umbrella organization for Union re-enactors in New England, Captain of the Salem Trayned Band, a group that recreates the first militia company in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and a member of the Company of the Wolfe Argent, a group that recreates a Burgundian ordinance company of the s. He is one of the co-founders of the Higgins Armory Sword Guild, a group based in Worcester that studies and interprets Renaissance fencing manuals. He has recently expanded his costuming and prop making into cosplaying anime and video game characters.

Military Influence on Costuming Historical Costuming. Passing whims include canning, gardening, soapmaking, and food sculpture. Someday there will be goats. Jeremy H. Kessler lives in Greater Boston where he is an instigator. As a singer, he has been deeply involved in local sings of various traditional sorts, including chantey sings and pub sings. A freelance writer and web producer for such entertainment publications as Today.

She has a first novel of urban fantasy recently completed, and renews her offer to write in exchange for sugar-cured bacon. His reviews and essays can be found at NorthShoreMovies.

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His most recent book is his first novel Shh! Born in , Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein has not yet managed to shuffle off the mortal coil, though not for want of trying, apparently. She writes fiction, music, poetry, recipes, and the occasional political rant , draws, paints, sings, dances, cooks, builds and repairs houses, and occasionally makes an outright fool of herself when confronted with her intellectual heroes.

She also has Opinions. No, wait!