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Religion, Family, and Community in Victorian Canada. By Marguerite Van Die. The Missionary Oblate Sisters.

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Michael Hayden and Malcolm Greenshields. The Lord for the Body.

By James Opp. Revival in the City. By Eric R. For Canada's Sake.

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By Gary Miedema. Forkhill Protestants and Forkhill Catholics, By Kyla Madden. A Long Eclipse. By Catherine Gidney. Stanford Reid. By Alistair Donald Macleod. Faithful Intellect.

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By Neil Semple. With Skilful Hand. By David T. Anatomy of a Seance. By Stan McMullin. Christians in a Secular World. By Kurt Bowen.

The Politics of Christian Zionism 1891-1948.

Evangelicals and the Continental Divide. By Sam Reimer.

What is Christian Zionism?

Anglicans and the Atlantic World. By Richard W.

The Politics of Christian Zionism 1891-1948

Governing Charities. By Paula Maurutto. By Haim Genizi. The Founding Moment. By William Westfall. The View From Rome. A History of Canadian Catholics. By Terence J. Blood Ground. By Elizabeth Elbourne. Households of Faith. Edited by Nancy Christie. A Social History of the Cloister. By Elizabeth Rapley. Christian Attitudes towards the State of Israel. The Methodist Church on the Prairies, By George Emery. By William Katerberg. Martin Luther, German Saviour.

By James Stayer. Between Damnation and Starvation. Culture, Religion, and Demographic Behaviour. By Kevin McQuillan. Gentle Eminence.

Wallace Platt. The Theology of the Oral Torah. Good Citizens. By James G. Greenlee and Charles M. Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine. By John-Paul Himka. The Waning of the Green. Labour, Love, and Prayer. By Andrea Ebel Brozyna. By Charles Scobie , Book and lyrics by G. Infinity, Faith, and Time. By John Hill. Aspects of the Canadian Evangelical Experience. Marguerite Bourgeoys and Montreal, Puritanism and Historical Controversy.

By William Lamont. Methodists and Women's Education in Ontario, By Johanna Selles. The Chignecto Covenanters. Evangelism and Apostasy. A Full-Orbed Christianity. By Nancy Christie and Michael Gauvreau. The Lord's Dominion. Church, College, and Clergy.

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