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Whether you are an experienced leader or a new manager, this workshop will give you a comprehensive understanding of what creates and sustains mental health.

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This seminar helps employees understand common mental health problems and their causes. It examines the role of beliefs and approaches to work and life, as well as our changing lifestyles, are impacting our wellbeing and mental health. Participants learn to evaluate their own wellbeing and are introduced to tools and practices for sustainable wellbeing, mental health and improved quality-of-life. On a day-to-day basis, they witness suffering, loss, and trauma, often neglecting their own self-care and wellbeing needs.

Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Psychosis

A growing body of research shows that positive mental health is the result of healthy lifestyle practices. Mental health problems have been shown in many cases, to be a response to sustained disconnection from meaningful work, supportive relationships, core values, the physical world, our community and financial security.

The Training Experience

Organizations need healthy, engaged employees. People need work and lives where they can make meaningful contributions and have a more connected, hopeful, and secure future. Mental health and career service providers will learn to assess client wellbeing in five interconnected areas, and incorporate career conversations and wellbeing-based career interventions in their practice and help clients transition to more meaningful work while improving their mental health and quality-of-life.

Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability. Mulcahy Former Chair Xerox.

Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work. June, The Essential Role of Wellbeing-based Practices and Interventions in preventing and treating mental illness.

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Canadian Counselling Association Annual Conference. May, Five minutes will tell you whether you're suffering, surviving or thriving in the most important parts of your life - and what you can do about it. The paper explores experiences and impacts of victimisation and perpetration of intimate DVA on male patients, and associated mental health conditions. The survey was conducted between October and June in a stratified sample of 16 primary care health clinics in England.

Men were asked about experience and perpetration regarding a range of potentially abusive physical, sexual and emotional behaviours. Impact was measured by asking about injuries, frequency, severity, and overall impact on life e.

Epidemiology Seminar Series

Association with mental health issues was measured using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale. Multivariate analysis found significant association between experience or perpetration of intimate DVA and negative mental health status for the men. Substance use, in particular alcohol use, was positively, although not strongly, associated, with both experience and perpetration of intimate DVA. Presentation to clinicians of anxiety or depression may be an especially important indicator of male intimate DVA victimisation or perpetration.

Seminar details can be found HERE. Surprisingly little is known about how this association functions. This has curtailed understanding of causal pathways, and has limited development in theoretical approaches to interventions for IPV.

Elaine McLaughlin and Dr. Frondigoun will present data from victim survivors with ethnic minority backgrounds exploring important features in these situations and addressing the issue as to whether alcohol is relevant here.

Medical Education Evening Seminar Series

Caroline Easton will discuss her work on perpetrator typologies, linking these with clinical case presentations. These data will be linked with previous research on typologies within IPV, implicit thinking about relationships and about alcohol, and with evaluations of innovative interventions in this area. We aim to explore whether these data can help unravel the complexity of these cases and provide a theoretical scaffold to inform further research and practice around IPV and substance misuse. Speaker profiles for this seminar can be found HERE.

Adverse effects of drinking on Australian families: perspectives from population surveys and from social response agency caseloads.

Top Authors

Findings from a mixed-methods study of the prevalence of IPV among men in treatment for substance use. Understanding and integrating cultural frames of reference in the development of intervention strategies to address domestic violence among ethnic minority victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Accounting for Intimate Partner Violence-perpetration. Browser does not support script.

UMass Medical School - Worcester

Seminars There will be six sessions in total with three taking place in the UK and three internationally; the series is hosted by a collaboration of partner universities. Experiences and impact of intimate partner domestic violence and abuse DVA in men attending primary care health clinics in England - Professor Marianne Hester, Centre for Gender and Violence Research at the School for Policy Studies University of Bristol The paper explores experiences and impacts of victimisation and perpetration of intimate DVA on male patients, and associated mental health conditions.

Dr Julie McGarry Intrasexual competition and Intimate partner violence Dr Vince Egan Seminar 5: Novel solutions to addressing domestic violence. Implications for interventions to address IPV.